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Work Welsh in Further Education

Work Welsh in Further Education

The aim of Work Welsh is to develop the Welsh skills of staff at Further Education Colleges, with a particular emphasis on teaching staff. Over 400 staff benefit from the scheme every year.

The plan offers 120 hours of training in a year for staff on every level – from Entry level to Proficiency – with the aim of completing the whole level within the year.   

Tutors are available to assist new learners, as well as speakers who lack confidence, to use more Welsh in the workplace.  

The staff can choose to go to weekly classes or to self-study.  

Work Welsh+

This a new plan that is available to staff on Intermediate and Advanced levels in Further Education Colleges.  

It has been tailored for staff in further eduacation colleges who want to develop more confidence to use Welsh in the workplace.  

The purpose of these sessions is to change linguistic practices and increase the confidence of speakers, so that they use the Welsh language when they would usually use English.  

Priority will be given to lecturing staff who influence the education of learners.  

The National Centre for Learning Welsh funds the Work Welsh programmes, including Work Welsh+.