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Developing Welsh-language Skills 

Do you wish to develop your Welsh-language skills?

There are schemes and support available to staff at universities, however much Welsh you may speak.  

If you are a completely new to the language, or if you need a little help to boost your confidence, there are several options.

Work Welsh

This is a scheme that offers 120 hours of language training within a year to staff at every level – from Entry level to Proficiency. The aim is that you will complete a whole level during that academic year.   

You can undertake training via weekly classes or through self study. Tutors and coordinators will be available at every university to help you.    

Work Welsh+ 

This is a new scheme which is available to academic staff on Advanced or Proficiency levels.  

You will follow a programme that is tailored to individual needs, under the supervision of a personal tutor.  

The aim of the scheme is to provide specialist support and raise confidence levels to enable staff to teach courses in Welsh, or to offer course elements in Welsh, during the academic year after completing the scheme.   

Other Support

Language Skills Certificate tutors at the universities also offer language skills support to staff.  

 Staff can also undertake the Language Skills Certificate with the support of a tutor, in a series of sessions.  

If your Department receives Subject Grants or Incentive Grants from Coleg Cymraeg, the tutor will contact your Department to offer language skills support. Or you can contact the tutor to ask for specific support.  

For enquiries about Work Welsh and Work Welsh+: 

For enquiries about the Language Skills Certificate and/or tutor support:   


Go for it!