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Academic Planning

The main aim of Coleg Cymraeg within higher education is to increase the opportunities for students to study through the medium of Welsh, and to encourage more students to take advantage of those opportunities.

You can see what the Coleg Cymraeg’s priorities for higher education are in the Academic Plan, where it notes the Coleg’s vision for the next five to ten years, the plan’s main principles, and how we will reach our goals.

Coleg Cymraeg is working closely with universities and further education colleges who provide higher education courses, and each one has a Welsh-language strategy. By collaborating closely, our hope as a sector is to make a worthwhile contribution to the Welsh Government’s Cymraeg 2050 Strategy  and the ambition to reach the target of one million Welsh-speakers, and doubling the use of the language from day to day.

Welsh Government’s Cymraeg 2050 Strategy

As well as planning for increasing the opportunities to study and the number of Welsh-language students, the Coleg also provides many grants every year to support our plans. Coleg Cymraeg supports the provision through Subject Grants, Incentive Grants and Interdisciplinary Grants. Click on the following link to see an outline of the other grants that Coleg Cymraeg provide.