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Associate Lecturers

Associate Lecturers

Are you a lecturer who is teaching through the medium of Welsh, or is eager to contribute to the aims of Coleg Cymraeg and its work?
Join the Coleg Cymraeg’s active community of Associate Lecturers. 

Over 600 lecturers are members of our Associate Lecturer Scheme and they teach higher education courses at universities or colleges in all parts of the country. Some of our members work outside Wales and are proud to be part of the associate lecturer community at Coleg Cymraeg.  

Join the community to get the latest news about developments in Welsh-medium education, and the opportunities that are available.

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Learning and Teaching Webinars 

By becoming an Associate Lecturer, you can join online webinars to learn good practice from lecturers from all parts of Wales. 

There are recordings of past webinars on the Porth Adnoddau website. 


If you wish to be nominated by your university or students for the Coleg’s Associate Lecturers Awards, become a member of the Coleg Cymraeg’s Associate Lecturer Scheme. 

The awards acknowledge the contribution and excellence of associate lecturers in Welsh-medium higher education.

Individual awards are presented every year at the Coleg Cymraeg Cenedlaethol awards ceremony.




We offer specific grants to members of the Associate Lecturer Scheme. These support innovative and creative schemes and lead to enriching the provision.


By joining our Associate Lecturer Scheme, you will hear about the latest developments in Welsh-medium education from our active community of associate lecturers.