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Post Graduate Study

Postgraduate studies in Welsh and bilingual studies 

Every univeristy in Wales offers postgraduate courses in Welsh or bilingual courses.  

This is an opportunity for you to deepen your understanding of your subject and develop skills that will help you in your career.  


It is possible to study a PhD in Welsh or bilingually in nearly every subject at Welsh unversities.  

The Sun, folksinging, nano particles, economic development... these are some of the subjects that Welsh-language PhD students are currently researching. 

Coleg Cymraeg Cenedlaethol gives funding to students to follow a PhD through the Research Scholarship scheme. Coleg Cymraeg offers support and training of a high standard to new researchers too.   

If you wish to carry out research work and become an expert in your field, you can get more information about Research Scholarships offered by the Coleg here.  

Initial Teacher Training

Do you want to use your expertise and enthusiasm for your subject to teach the next generation?  

There are opportunities across Wales to train as a teacher though the postgradute course, the Postgraduate Certificate in Education (PGCE). This course is a one-year course. 

Also, if you wish to follow this course on a part-time basis, or while you work, it is possible to do so over two years.  

Welsh-language courses are available, along with support to develop Welsh-language skills, at every institution that offers the PGCE course.  

Your bilingual skills will be of enormous benefit when looking for a job.   

Masters Course 

The masters course gives you an opportunity to specialise in your subject and develop advanced skills. Look at the website of the university that’s of interest to you, to get more information about the masters courses that are available.   

The Welsh Government offers Welsh-language Bursaries worth £1,000 to postgraduate students who study 40 credits or more of their masters course in Welsh. In order to receive the bursary, you can study modules through the medium of Welsh or present an extended essay in Welsh.   

Some of the masters courses train students for a specific occupation, such as the MA in Professional Translation Studies and the MA in Social Work, which are available fully through the medium of Welsh.