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What does ‘Studying in Welsh’ mean?

Confused? Is your head spinning with all the choice?

Learn more about what it means exactly to Study in Welsh. The answers to the most commonly asked questions can be found below.

Credits are the units that universities use to show the size of the module that is studied. These units vary in size, and they consider how many lectures you have and what the assessment at the end will be.   

1 credit = 10 hours of work, which includes lectures, tutorials and the work of preparing assessments or for exams. So, 200 hours of work would be completed in a module with 20 credits.   

Over the course of a normal year, undergraduate students are expected to achieve 120 credits.  

So, 40 credits are about 33% of all the work that you could do in one year, and 80 credits are 66% of the total.  

No. If you don’t feel confident enough to study a whole course through the medium of Welsh, perhaps there will be other options available for you to study part of your course through the medium of Welsh. Support is available to you too, to help you to improve your Welsh oral and written skills. 

A scholarship is funding that is offered to students if they study part of their course through the medium of Welsh. It isn’t a loan – it doesn’t need to be paid back!  

There will be smaller learning groups, you can apply for a scholarship from Coleg Cymraeg, and you will learn specialist terminology in two languages, and develop bilingual skills, which will help you in the future.