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School Staff

What is available to schools?

We can come to speak to pupils in years 12 and 13 at your school any time of the year. We can speak to them about why continuing to learn through the medium of Welsh is advantageous to them and about the scholarships and courses that are available at university.

Contact us to arrange a visit:

  • You can find more information about studying Medicine through the medium of Welsh here

    Doctoriaid Yfory
  • Read more about studying Welsh as a subject

    Welsh as a subject
  • There are excellent resources for school pupils and teachers in the Porth Resources Portal (the Coleg Cymraeg’s online digital resources library).

    Porth Resources
  • Information about the courses that are available at Welsh universities

    Financial Support
  • Do you want the latest news about our work with schools? It’s available here.

    School newsletter
  • You can learn more about the scholarships offered by the Coleg here

    Financial Support

What are Ambassadors?

Ambassadors help us to inform people about what we do, and the type of things they have done through Coleg Cymraeg.

The Schools Ambassadors Scheme is an excellent opportunity for year 12 and 13 pupils to gain new skills, by sharing the Coleg’s main messages with their schools and the public.

The recruiting period for 2023/2024 is now closed, but if you want your school to be a part of the scheme next year, send a message to Lowri Bulman (email address below) 

Send a message to to get more information

Tomorrow's Doctors

Do you have pupils who intend to apply to Medical Schools? What about telling them to register for our ‘Tomorrow’s Doctors’ scheme?

'Tomorrow’s Doctors’ is a scheme whereby year 12 pupils and undergraduates who may want to study medicine can undertake various activities before they apply for a place on a course.

The aim is to get more pupils who can speak Welsh into medical schools.

They can meet people who work in the field of Medicine, and students who currently study Medicine, in order to hear about their experiences. They will come to understand more about the sector and the type of skills that they need. The activity sessions will also look at how to prepare a successful application and interview.

When can you apply for the scheme?

In January/February, and an application form needs to be filled.

The scheme is funded by the Welsh Government, and Cardiff University School of Medicine and Swansea University Medical School have agreed to support pupils and students who wish to study medicine.

For more information, email 

Tomorrow's Doctors application form

Search for a course

There are so many different courses available to study in Welsh.

Use the course finder below to see what courses are available to study in Welsh, and whether you can apply for one of the scholarships provided by the Coleg if you decide to follow that course.

Porth Resources

There are great resources for school pupils and teachers on the Porth Resources website

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