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Why is using Welsh in the world of work important?

The Welsh language belongs to everyone in Wales – if you are fluent or if you only have a few words. 

Being able to speak Welsh and English will be very helpful to you in the future.  

Speaking Welsh opens doors for you; 

  • There will be more opportunties for you to make friends and to socialise if you speak Welsh 
  • By speaking Welsh and English, you can be part of two cultures 
  • By speaking Welsh, more jobs will be available to you 
  • Two languages – double the choice 

You have an advantage – use your Welsh 

Where can you do an apprenticeship?

Do you want to find out who is offering apprenticeships in your area? Search here to find them. 

map of Wales

Porth Resources

Apprentice Experience

Learn about the experience of apprentices in Wales as they learn and work through the medium of Welsh  

Poppy encourages others to follow an apprenticeship path 

“As a Welsh-speaking apprentice, I have been given many opportunities and been open to experiences that have helped me. This has helped me to get a full-time job with my employer, Carmarthenshire Council. I am now working full time as a digital co-ordinator for the council’s children and families service.”  

Come to meet Ceris, a Highways and Municipal Civil Engineer Apprentice 

“After leaving secondary school, I went to study Design and Technology at Cardiff Metropolitan University. I was there for a year, but I decided towards the end of the year that it wasn’t for me. So, I came home, and I saw that Gwynedd Council was offering a new apprenticeship scheme, and I applied. This was going to be a brilliant opportunity for me to restart my career path, and I love it here.“  

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