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Why study in Welsh?

Llun myfyrwyr prifysgol

Come to learn some of your university course in Welsh 

If you are thinking about going to a university in Wales, have you thought about following some of your course in Welsh?  

Currently, there are over 1,000 courses available to study partly or fully in Welsh. 

From Medicine to Maths, from Sports to History, Journalism and Music – these are only a few of the courses that are available to you in Welsh. 

There are many advantages to choosing to study a university course through the medium of Welsh:  

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The advantages of studying your course through the medium of Welsh

If you study part of your course, or the whole course, through the medium of Welsh, you will give yourself the best chance when you are looking for jobs! 


If you undertake Welsh-language or bilingual courses or modules, you then have the opportunity to receive help via one of the Coleg Cymraeg Cenedlaethol scholarships. Many universities also offer funding to students who are studying part of their course in Welsh. 

Plenty of choice 

If you are student who is a fluent Welsh-speaker and is confident in using the language, or less confident, or is learning Welsh – there is plenty of choice for you. 

From degree courses that are provided entirely in Welsh to courses with some Welsh modules. Some subjects offer seminars and tutorials in Welsh and other courses offer those mainly through the medium of Welsh. But every student has the right to present his or her coursework and to sit exams in Welsh, even if they have chosen to follow courses through the medium of English. If you continue to study your whole course, or part of it, through the medium of Welsh, you will develop your skills in both languages. This will open doors for you when you leave university.

Look at our course finder to see how many courses are available to you in Welsh and/or to see whether it’s possible to study your course in Welsh.

The latest learning methods

Welsh-language modules at Welsh universities use many of the latest learning methods such as video-conferencing, residential courses, practical sessions by professional experts and online resources. They use these alongside the more traditional learning methods, such as lectures and the library. 

Excellent lecturers and resources 

The lecturers on the Welsh-language courses are experts in their fields, and studying with them will give you a universal view of your subject.  

Also, Coleg Cymraeg Cenedlaethol has an enormous digital library of Welsh resources that will support your studies.   

From worksheets to terminology, to e-books and videos, everything you need to succeed is in one place... The Porth!

The best opportunity to get a job  

Mae’r gallu i siarad Cymraeg o fantais mawr wrth chwilio am waith. Mae gan yr iaith Gymraeg statws swyddogol yng Nghymru sy’n golygu bod nifer fawr o gyflogwyr yng Nghymru yn chwilio am bobl sydd wedi graddio o’r brifysgol ac sy’n gallu gweithio yn y ddwy iaith.

Mae siarad Cymraeg yn cael ei gyfrif fel sgìl ychwanegol yn y gweithle, yng Nghymru a thu hwnt. Felly, gallai astudio trwy gyfrwng y Gymraeg neu’n ddwyieithog dy helpu wrth i ti chwilio am waith.

An opportunity to develop 

You must also remember that there is more to university than just learning! Remember to take part in the lively Welsh scene that is available to you at universities across Wales.

Also, speaking, reading and writing in more than one language is great for your brain, and it can help you to be more creative, to develop mental skills and to improve mathemathical skills.