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YOUR Welsh

The Welsh language belongs to everyone in Wales – whether you are fluent or if you only know a few words. 

Perhaps you don’t feel confident speaking Welsh, but you enjoy singing ‘Yma o Hyd?’. Sometimes, all you have to do is use the simple words ‘Bore da’ or ‘Sut wyt ti?’ to start a conversation in Welsh.   

Speaking Welsh opens doors for you;  

  • By speaking Welsh, you will have opportunities to make new friends and to socialise 
  • By speaking Welsh and English, you can be part of two cultures 
  • By speaking Welsh, more jobs will be available to you 
  • Two languages – double the choice 
  • By speaking Welsh, more courses will be available to you when the time comes, for you to choose a college or university course 
  • Being able to speak Welsh and English will be advantageous to you in the future. 
In these films, some of the learners who used to attend further education colleges talk about how using Welsh helps them in their jobs. 


You have an advantage – use your Welsh 

Speaking Welsh opens doors for you; 

  • There will be more opportunities for you to make friends and to socialise if you speak Welsh
  • By speaking Welsh, and English, you can be part of two cultures
  • More jobs will be available to you if you speak Welsh. Two languages: double the choice
  • Remember also that you will have more choice when it comes to choosing your college or university course.
Where are the colleges?

Click on the map to look for your local college and see what subjects and support are available for you there. 

map of Wales

'Use your Welsh' video by the Coleg Cymraeg

FE Ambassadors’ Blogs 

Learn about the experiences of our Further Education Ambassadors, their role, their interests and the opportunities that are available at college.  
Blog by Coleg Gwent’s Welsh Ambassador, Kate Atwell

“I have to admit, after studying through the medium of Welsh since childhood, I was a bit nervous about starting college as I thought there would be limited opportunities to communicate in Welsh. So I was delighted when I heard about the college’s ‘Welsh Buddy’ role, as it would give me the opportunity to continue to socialise and work in Welsh.”   

My year at Coleg Cambria 

“My name is Lewis and I’m following a level 3 Childcare course at Glannau Dyfrdwy. Play, learning and child development are some of the things that we are looking at.”    

Mae gan y Coleg wefan adnoddau (Porth Adnoddau) sy'n cynnwys amrywiaeth o adnoddau digidol Cymraeg a dwyieithog. Dyma flas o'r adnoddau mwyaf diweddar:

Porth Resources


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