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Training and Opportunities

Training and opportunities for postgraduate students

Coleg Cymraeg supports postgraduate students to become excellent researchers and prepares them to compete for jobs in the academic world and beyond.  

All our schemes are open to postgraduate students and early career staff from every university – in Wales and beyond! – whatever your subject may be and whomever is funding you.

The Research Skills Programme

The aim of the Research Skills Training Programme is to support research students and early career academics who speak Welsh.  

The Research Skills Training Programme includes many face-to-face courses, online sessions and an annual multidisciplinary research conference. There is no cost for you to attend these sessions.  


Do you want an excellent place to publish your research for the first time? What about publishing it in Gwerddon, Coleg Cymraeg’s research journal.  

Gwerddon Fach

If you don’t have a long article on your research work, what about submitting a short article for Gwerddon Fach, our research blog which is on the Golwg360 news website?  

Language Skills Certificate

If you want evidence of your ability to use Welsh in the workplace, what about undertaking the Language Skills Certificate?  

The Certificate is open to any postgraduate student on any level. A tutor will be available to offer guidance and support.  

If you receive a PhD scholarship, you will need to undertake the Certificate. And if you have already achieved it, a tutor will be available to offer linguistic support that is tailored to your individual needs.    

Research Conference

The annual multidisciplinary conference is an excellent opportunity for research students and staff to share their research in Welsh and to meet other academics.  

Next year's Research Conference will be held on 28 June 2024.


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