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7 April 2023

Getting to know... Megan Davies


With renowned fashion company 'Vogue' written on her CV, it is true to say that Megan Davies who is originally from Swansea has had wide-ranging and interesting experiences as a journalist. As well as having experience of working for Vogue as a fashion journalist, Megan now works as a multi-platform journalist for BBC Wales. Since achieving her M.A. Journalism and Broadcasting course at Cardiff University in 2019, Megan has grasped every opportunity, and recently shared her experiences of working abroad as a journalist in the Coleg Cymraeg series, Journalism Across the World

Let's get to know Megan a little better...


Describe your upbringing

I grew up in Pontarddulais with Llyw, my brother. I had a very happy upbringing. Ballet lessons, swimming, Scarlets games and Sunday lunch with my family filled my days.


What kind of child were you in school?

I was a little girl with blonde hair who was trying to please everyone! I never forgot my homework, volunteered to do everything, and was a little annoying!


You are fluent in French. Where did the interest to learn the language come from?

My French teacher at Secondary School was absolutely amazing. Such passion is contagious. I'm always so grateful to Anna Vivian Jones. I studied French and English Literature at Exeter University before going on to achieve an M.A. degree in Journalism in Cardiff.


What attracted you to journalism?

I always loved writing and speaking. I'm not sure what else I would have done to be honest! It feels a bit cliché to tell but I love to hear people's stories, so journalism suits me.


How did the opportunity arise to go to France to work as a journalist for Vogue?

The trip to Vogue Paris wasn't an obvious one. I went to work in Paris in 2016 for a food magazine as part of the Erasmus scheme. After 3 months with the company, I received an email saying that the office was changing and my tenure was coming to an end. After an evening of crying down the phone to  Mum in Swansea, I decided  to send hundreds of applications to various companies. After weeks of waiting, Vogue Paris came back. I had to take  an exam to test my French standard and then I got an email offering an interview. 

How did you benefit from the opportunity?

On a very basic level, having Vogue Paris on your CV is pretty cool. But on a personal level, spending time in a world-renowned office was an opportunity to make a dream come true. The experience wasn't like that at all, of course. The hours were long, the work difficult and the pressure challenging. Despite the great fatigue, I'm delighted that I grabbed the opportunity.


What did you like best about living there?

Living in Paris is like living in a museum. You turn the corner and you have a world famous piece of art there or you see fashion celebrities on the Metro. The whole experience was so exciting and surreal. But, of course, sometimes you aspire to be home with your family having Sunday dinner together. I remember being ill there and mum wanted to fly out to look after me.


Who inspires you?

My family. My friends. Anna Vivian Jones, my French teacher.  Mishal Husain.  Zadie Smith. Taylor Swift.


What's the best country you've travelled to?

Elounda, Creta Island, Greece.


What is your ambition for the future?

I want to write a novel, go to Italy, get up earlier in the morning, learn to make clothes. At work, I want to produce programmes, create new podcasts and get to know more people.


Do you have advice for someone considering a career in journalism?

The news world is scary and tough but if you turn up on time, work hard and be polite, there's a good chance you’ll do well. If you miss the first time, try again. If things are messy in your work, go to bed. And the thing I try to remember on a daily basis: you don't have to get your worth from your work. There is life beyond the office.