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26 May 2023

Urdd Eisteddfod 2023


This year, for the first time, the Coleg Cymraeg will sponsor the Triban Festival. A festival within a festival which takes place on Friday and Saturday, 2nd and 3rd June at the Carmarthenshire Urdd Eisteddfod. It showcases the best of contemporary Welsh music and culture.

As part of the sponsorship a group of the Coleg School and University Ambassadors will have the opportunity to:

Take over the Coleg account and the Urdd account on Instagram to give a taste of the Festival over the 2 days

Interview the bands: Gwilym, Tara, Acting and Fleur de Lys

Introduce Gwilym, Tara Bandito and Dafydd Iwan on the performance stage

Gain access to the Festival's backstage


There are 2 Coleg Cymraeg sessions within the Triban Festival schedule:

Tesni Hughes (former school ambassador David Hughes) will perform at 12:30 Friday

Elain Iorwerth (this year's school ambassador from Ysgol Godre'r Berwyn) from the group Mynadd singing at 17:40 Saturday


Elin Williams, Marketing Manager, Coleg Cymraeg Cenedlaethol, said:


It is a pleasure to sponsor this year's Triban Festival which will give our ambassadors a great opportunity to gain valuable experiences. They will present and interview from Triban platforms and give the Coleg Cymraeg and Eisteddfod social media followers a taste of the Festival's offering.

BBC Radio Cymru will be interviewing our ambassadors who will be part of the Triban Crew next week. 

We are delighted to be collaborating with the Coleg Cymraeg and the ambassadors on the digital content of this year's Triban Festival. We are very grateful to the Coleg for their financial support and look forward to seeing the ambassadors' digital content on the social media of the Coleg Cymraeg and the Urdd Eisteddfod.

Nannon Evans Sponsor and Parterships Manager. Urdd Eisteddfod. 

The Coleg will also have a stand at the Eisteddfod next week.

You will have the opportunity to gather information on the benefits of studying through the medium of Welsh at university including the scholarships worth up to £3000 for prospective students. 

There will be a range of interactive activities for all ages and a chance to win prizes!

There will be an opportunity to find out further information about our new Sports App too! 

We look forward to welcoming everyone to our stand this year in Llandovery!

You can follow all the activities from our stand next week on our social media accounts @colegcymraeg






ambassadors in Triban